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RANDL Industries, Inc. is an electrical box manufacturing company dedicated to creating innovative solutions to industry challenges.  They are located in Spokane Valley, Washington.

RANDL’s Founder and President, Robert Hagarty, spent nearly 30 years as an electrical superintendent and foreman in the electrical construction and installation industry.  Over the years, Bob began to notice that the occurrence of ground faults and short circuits in fire alarm systems had become an increasingly severe issue and began tracking the associated troubleshooting hours.  Realizing that the problem stemmed from the use of standard electrical boxes, Bob designed and created an entirely new line of back-boxes which he named the 5 Square®.  The patented 5 Square Box (5” x 5” x 2.875”) eliminates ground faults and short circuits at the appliance due to the added volume of the box and space around the perimeter of the appliance.  The 5 Square also dramatically reduces stress on terminals resulting in fewer damaged appliances.  In addition, a major fire signal manufacturer allows a full complement of conductors to be routed in the box per NEC Table 314.16(B).  This allows additional circuits and zones to be pulled through the 5 Square, potentially reducing conduit.  All of these advantages tend to save contractors $20 - $30 per installed appliance.

RANDL’s second generation of innovative products culminates in their 5 Square Telecommunications Box.  What makes the 5 Square Telecom Box so special?  In addition to the increased size and volume, which allows for slack cable/service loop in the box, the 5 Square Telecom Box incorporates a cable management system guaranteeing minimum bend radius as required by cable manufacturers.  Historically, infringement of cable bend radii was not an issue, but due to current and future transmission rate increases, bend radius observance is now very critical.  The 5 Square Telecom Box supports categories 5e, 6, Augmented 6, 7, Augmented 7, and optical fiber cables as well as expected future generations of cable sizes.  Slack cable/service loop in the box reduces labor during installation as well as future maintenance labor which further increases cost savings.

Due to the value added benefits and related cost savings of the 5 Square products many engineering firms, universities, hospitals, and government agencies have become avid proponents and specifiers of the products.

The 5 Square Boxes have a complementary line of plaster rings that adapt from 5 Square to 4 square and from 5 Square to standard 1 and 2 gang openings in depths from flat up to 1 ½ inches. There is also an adapter from 5 Square to 4-11 for mounting fire alarm zone modules.

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