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"I have already been able to show our Comm. and Fire Alarm Engineers the advantage of these boxes over 4 square and 4 - 11/16 inch boxes. The CAT6A cable management posts have been a big talking and teaching point for all."
Rick Chason, RCDD Senior Special Systems Engineer, DC Engineering

"Your box and faceplate are now in our revised RCDD SOP document as the specified in-wall outlet box solution for the Pentagon. We look forward to using them."
Mark Hendershot, RCDD, Lockheed Martin ES&S

"We discuss bend radius, conduit sizing, pathway planning,'s a given that your product will be written into the Museum, courthouse and hotel projects on our desk today."
Ken Godachy, RCDD, Veneklasen Associates

"The 5 Square is a solution to a wide-spread telecommunications industry problem and a solution which I have searched for with no results until now!"
Wayne Pederson, Department of Corrections, WA

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