Product # L-52G112
5 SQUARE® Telecommunications Extension Ring

5 in. Square x Double Gang Extension Ring


20 in3 (328 cm3)

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Listing: C ETL US

Benefits of the 5 SQUARE® Roomy Design:

  • Extension rings for standard device cover plates
  • The only telecommunications backbox with an integral cable management system
  • Proper designing of pathways and spaces insures cable and connecting hardware functionality
  • Facilitates minimum bend radius requirements
  • Assures proper cable environment
  • Product installed according to manufacturers specifications will perform predictably
  • The 5 SQUARE® supports categories 5e, 6, Augmented 6, 7 and optical fiber cables
  • With the use of the new 5 SQUARE® backbox, you are assured that evolving industry standards can be met as future cabling and connecting products are introduced
  • The 5 SQUARE® Telecommunications Outlet Box - designed specifically by professional installers for telecommunications products

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