Product # R-55015
5 SQUARE® Fire Signal Box

5 in. Square x 2.875 in. Deep Metal Box

67 in3 (1098 cm3)

Side Knockouts:
(1) 1/2" & (2) 1/2"/3/4" each side

Back Knockouts:
(3) 1/2" & (2) 1/2"/3/4"

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Listing: C UL US

Benefits of the 5 SQUARE® Roomy Design:

  • The first fire alarm signal backbox created explicitly for flush mounting of fire alarm signals
  • The 5 SQUARE® boxes provide up to 88cu in of interior volume, more than double that of most existing boxes
  • Saves hours of troubleshooting time on ground faults and short circuits
  • Proven to be effective at reducing installation costs and time
  • Proven to be able to allow pass-through conductors, which may reduce conduit
  • Can be used on all fire signals, thereby creating an easily upgradable system for owners - with tremendous future cost savings!
  • Proven to truly make the easiest and most cost effective installation possible when using oversized voice evacuation signals
  • The 5 SQUARE® patented backbox design provides an extension ring that reduces the opening to a standard 4 square
  • Designed by professional installers

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